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Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd.
Özel üretici
Ana ürünler:Basınç regülatörü, enstrümantasyon valfi, gaz dolabı, tüp montajı, boru
Sıralama:2 Basınç Regülatörleri içinde en çok satanlarFinished product inspectionSupplier assessment proceduresTesting instruments (5)ODM services available

Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd. founded in 2011 is a specialist quality precision fluid system component manufacturer providing complete solutions to your fluid system requirements.

Through the past 12 years of development, Wofly has already owned more than 5000 Square Meters high clean worshop. Class 100 clean room for manufacturing and assembling ultra-high purity valve parts.

The technicians will do the final testing and debugging after production, which includes pressure test and leakage test in order to confirm all parts fitted for use and connection. Guaranteed through stringent quality control checks both locally and before shipment to overseas. We help our clients improve the safety , security, and availability of their gas pipeline systems.

Wofly has a perfect product quality management system and the factory has passed ISO9001,EN3.2, CE, RoHS, SEMI2 and other international certifications.

WOFLY products are widely used in many fields such as semiconductor, integrated circuit, new energy, biomedical, research institutes, universities, etc. Over the past 12 years, WOFLY has provided one-stop gas solutions and related products for many countries.