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Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd.
Özel üretici
Ana ürünler:Basınç regülatörü, enstrümantasyon valfi, gaz dolabı, tüp montajı, boru
Sıralama:6 Basınç Regülatörleri içinde en çok satanlarFinished product inspectionSupplier assessment proceduresTesting instruments (5)ODM services available

Shenzhen Wofly Technology Co., Ltd.


was established in 2011, And specialized in research, development, design, construction, production and assembly, Sales and service of special gas supply equipment and valve fittings.


Wofly has a strong ability in supply chain management, integrated design, production, manufacturing and assembly, so that the rate of self-produced products reaches more than 70%.


Wofly believes that with our team's years of design experience in the gas valve industry, it can perfectly meet your needs, and looks forward to cooperating with you.